Frontenac Dentist - Pittsburg Dentist - Invisalign Provider

We have always considered it a great honor whenever a patient joins our practice and places trust in us for their dental care.  We spend our days trying to continue to earn that honor with every patient visit.  Our practice schedules patients so that there is very little wait and you will have ample time to discuss your care with Dr. Clark. 

We have always been commited to providing up to date care in dentistry and have also commited by being very high tech.  Dr. Clark was the first dentist in the Pittsburg - Frontenac area to provide air abrasion dentistry, which allows for many procedures to be done without shots or drills.  We are the first to have computerized dental records and digital X-rays. 

Dr. Clark and his staff believe the patients of southeast Kansas deserve the best dentistry offered in the United States and not just have to settle for what is available here.  Dr. Clark spends many hours each year in continuing education classes to ensure we have a cutting edge practice.  Our professional and caring staff is committed to this philosophy of patient care with a capital C.