General Family Dentistry

We strongly adhere to the principle "Prevention is better than cure".
We stress regular, periodic checkups and cleanings. We take selective, judicious x-rays to diagnose dental problems in the early stages , before they become major, expensive repairs.

Children also receive periodic applications of fluoride on the teeth to strengthen them against cavities. We also strongly advise all parents to have their children's teeth protected from getting cavities on the chewing surfaces of teeth by placing sealants on the teeth. In simple terms, sealants involve the placement of a thin plastic coating on the chewing surfaces of teeth, thereby preventing acids and sugars from attacking those surfaces to cause decay.

We offer a full range of general dental services, including white, tooth-colored fillings, silver fillings, resin and porcelain inlays and onlays. We do extractions, and, as a result of our over 20 years of experience, can often extract teeth that a lot of other general dentists hesitate to attempt.

Nobody likes pain, and most people are very fearful and anxious of the entire dental experience. We are very aware of it, we want our patients to be comfortable and do a lot of things to minimize their anxiety. If drilling for cavities involves giving local anesthesia, we first apply topical anesthetic and wait for enough time before giving the anesthetic. For the patient suffering from acute dental phobia and anxiety, we can prescribe medicines that help them relax and enable them to get the needed oral care rather than let their teeth deteriorate due to their fears.